Day 5 – little REM



I’m on the 5th day of the adaptation period.  The original plan was to move today to full polyphasic schedule.  However I decided to hold off and continue a few more days on Everyman-3  (3h at night + 3 naps during the day of 1/2h each).

The reason is mostly to stay healthy and conserve my energy. Überman means only 2h/day which is quite extreme.  So I want to do that adaptation when I’m feeling very strong and ready.  I had a hint of runny nose in the morning, my hamstring is still recovering, … so I decided to wait.

polyphasic sleeping log, everyman 3 naps

polyphasic sleeping log, March 12th

However, the surprising thing is that I’ve felt much better than yesterday.  There were some periods when I was tired, but I wasn’t so sleepy overall.  I had a sip of coffee at 9, which I think affected my sleep for the midday nap (see how I only slept 19mn), but other than that I’ve been able to work, go for a walk, do a little exercise and stay focused on doing design, drawing, email, blogging and code refactoring (this is a fancy name that programmers give when they change the names of the files and functions in their program).  It still feels quite strange to wake up at 2:00 and see my town sleep at night while I work.  Today’s naps were characterized by a lack of REM.  I’m not sure if it’s adaptation or just environmental factors (coffee, light, mind distractions, etc).  Let’s see how I fare tomorrow.

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  1. Black tea with lime can also help boost or recover quickly when you are drowsy.

    read loud read loud

  2. Black tea with a half lime in it can help boost your adrenalin when you are sleepy.

    read loud read loud 🙂

  3. Hi Sri,

    Unfortunately I can’t consume a cup of normal tea. A single cup of tea will wake me up but it won’t let me sleep after 4h. So I have to get used to not drinking coffee or tea. I still have some de-caf tea, and a little sip from Sarah’s coffee now and then. But I shouldn’t need either! Maybe water and lime?

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