polyphasic everyman-3 sleeping schedule

Day 10 – catching up


It’s the weekend!  So time to wake up at 2am and get to work! 🙂 Yes, nobody said it would be easy.  Fortunately I got to see this beautiful dawn from my window:

However yesterday I overslept … which made me miss the last two naps.  What does that mean? It means … back to square one.  My body tried to come back to monophasic the previous day.  So I have to train it again.  The hardest part is the 4am – 7am.  I get sleepy every half an hour, drowsy … not finding it easy to focus.  Usually I then do dishes, laundry, get some eye drops, eat (fruit+cereal) or tidy the house.  This is what I need to get back on track and make the most of my successive naps.  (if you just arrived to the blog,  I’m currently following the Everyman-3 sleeping schedule):

polyphasic everyman-3 sleeping schedule

polyphasic everyman-3330 sleeping schedule


That means, I sleep 3 hours at night, and then take 3 naps (each of 30mn).  Maybe I should call it the Everyman-3330.  So many threes call for a more descriptive name! Some people actually do Everyman-3325 (3h night + three 25mn naps) or even Everyman-4230 (4h night, two naps of 30mn).  Whatever the case, E3330 is my current schedule as shown in the chart.  After overcoming the early morning period it all went back to normal.  I slept 27mn of REM at 7am.  Then came breakfast, light sport at the swimming pool (40mn swim), and a nice lazy Saturday with movies and snacks included.  I thought I would fall into the naps straight away.  But 12:00 only gave me 19mn of sleep (3mn REM).  The 17:00 nap was similar with 16mn total (because I was awake for 10mn before meeting morpheus). I guess it’s the adapting back.  Hopefully tomorrow I’ll dive automatically into the naps.

(2012/03/17, (2:55, 5, “just woke up”), (3:12, 6, “getting there”), (3:33, 6.5, “light computer work”), (4:00, 6, “blogging”), (4:44, 5, “tired sandy eyes”), (5:15, 4.5, “head, neck tired”), (5:50,  5), (6:12, 4.5, “feels like adaptation starting all over again”), (7:40, 4.5, “waking up”),(8:00, 5, “drowsy”), (9:00,7,”full awake”), (9:30, 7.5, “swimming, sport”), (10:30, 7, “relax”), (11:00,6,”tired eyes”), (13:00, 7, “lunch, hang out”), (13:00,7,”movies”), (16:30,6,”sleepy”), (17:00,5,”naptime”), (18:10, 7.5, “rested, good energy”), (19:00,8), (22:00,7), (22:30,5))

Author: alvaro

A scientist, entrepreneur and wannabe polyphasic sleeper


  1. Hi! Sorry to hear that little adaptation problem on your 9th day…but hey! that’s nothing in the whole process, just a little jump backwards… in a couple of days you’ll be going strong again.

    I read your blog almost every day, so you know that, when you are in the (4:00, 6, “blogging”) phase IT IS JUSTIFIED! (you will be just working for me) ;-P

    The other day Irene and I were having dinner with a couple of friends and were telling them about your experiment when they said: “hey, we know a guy who did try polyphasic sleep also!” I’ll try to get you his email so you can exchange some feelings or whatever, ok?

    Cheers from (the still in winter) Madrid

  2. This is cool.

    I have seen a similar morning when i lived there for a month from the same room.



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