picture of me sleeping with zeo and fitbit sensors

April 5, 2012
by alvaro

Day 28/29 – Zeo Mobile Programming

Warning!  Geek post! If you’re not interested in the tech side of measuring sleep, just scroll to the bottom for todays sleep graphs. It’s been very frustrating to find out that the very tool I bought to track my whole … Continue reading

sleep schedule on everyman-3 with 3 naps

April 3, 2012
by alvaro

Days 26/27 – Sleep deprivation and good citizenship

Day 26:  It was a difficult morning.  This was most likely due to yesterday’s strange naps (predominantly light sleep) which didn’t feel very re-energizing and left me tired through much of the day. (2012/04/02, (3:21,5, “eyes feel more irritated than … Continue reading