Here’s an overview of the experiment with the total number of hours slept during 2012 and part of 2013:

total hours of sleep during polyphasic sleep

total hours of sleep during polyphasic sleep

Note that some of the data is missing and needs processing.  For a view of the sleep during Everyman, you can see this graph:


everyman sleep schedule

everyman sleep schedule

You can also see unedited and unprocessed data screenshots from Zeo in my:

Evernote Sleep Notebook.


You can also find how active I have been since the beginning of the experiment in my fitbit profile:

And you can finally download the sleep data. I leave you with a CSV of the RAW data if you want to analyse it: (however it still needs some editing for epoch time, missing naps, errors, etc)

CSV file with 450: _all_sleep_phases.CSV

Here’s a week of sleeping in March as an example:

full week of Everyman Polyphasic sleeping from 19 March - 25 March

full week of Everyman Polyphasic sleeping from 19 March – 25 March


  1. Did you finally manage to build the app? Somebody mentioned that they installed the apk on their droid.
    As with Zeo being shutdown…

  2. Hi Mark, the app to extract the data from Zeo can be found in my Github repository
    but as you mention unfortunately Zeo didn’t make it.

  3. Hi Alvaro !

    Thank you for your great blog, its awesome !

    I wanted to know which set of instrument do you use in order to record all your measures ?

    I see that all instruments need a smartphone app for that.

    Do you know if its possible to get data directly on a computer (on Linux will be great) without going through a smartphone ?


  4. For those of us who don’t regularly program Android apps…

    How do we get your code from github to the phone? What build environment is required? How does the process work? How do you get the app on the device? Do we need to be rooted? What can we expect of the app?

    (Thanks for the code, btw. I just haven’t figured out yet how to use it.)

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