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Measurement Apparatus have Arrived

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Dear all.  The equipment to measure the sleep and physical activity has arrived.

I have received a 3D accelerometer (or fancy pedometer) which has a few functions and niceties.  It is small, light and clips on to my belt or trousers.

fitbit docking station







It has 5 functions:

1. steps taken today and distance travelled:

fitbit steps taken today


distance traveled on fitbit

2.  Number of floors climbed and general activity score for today

floors climbed fitbit

fitbit general fitness score flower



3. And finally, when I wear it at night, movement experienced through the night.

To see the data from the last few days you can visit my online profile :

Also I have received the brainwave recorder.  It uses dry EEG technology  and data processing to measure the brain waves and transmit them to a phone by bluetooth.

I’ll explain more about how it works in later posts but here are the first screenshots:

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