Days 30/31 – One month of polyphasic sleep


Dear readers, First of all apologies for the long delay in my posts.  I’m working very hard while carrying out this experiment, and I haven’t managed to automate the data processing yet.  This combined with some travelling means I take notes, save the data, and only update the blog quite a few days later. Another problem is preparing the data for the posts. Check out how slow this process is:

So I’m hoping to crack the android interface as explained in the last-post soon.  Anyway, here goes a quick overview. I’ll summarize the first month in the next post.

Day 30: As I had missed my afternoon nap and I just received 3 jabs of Polio, HepA and Typhoids, I chose to catch up on some sleep and give myself 5h for this night. My body dove into deep sleep 5mn after going to bed and stayed there for 1h straight. This may show a physiological need to recover physically from tiredness and boost the immune system.  The point of this experiment is to show that it’s possible to sleep much much less.  But I think it’s reasonable to manage sleep just like we do with a normal schedule.  Some occasions call for extra rest.  And I think injecting 3 families of dead or numb viruses in my body is such an occasion 🙂

(2012/04/06, (3:30,6),(3:50,7),(5:50,6.5) “eyes more irritated than yesterday”), (4:25,4.5,”very tired, sandy eyes”), (5:10,5,”more sleepy than normal. hard to keep eyes open”), (5:15,4,”nod off”), (5:25,5), (5:30,6,”standing in kitchen to stay awake”),(6:00,6.5),(7:30,6.5),(8:00,6),(9:00,7),(12:00,7.5),(19:30,7.5),(20:30,7),(21:00,6),(22:00,5),(22:30,4))

My 19:00 nap just wouldn’t happen.  I was too awake.  It’s surprising how missing a nap, or laying in bed without sleeping changes my mood. I become rather quiet, removed, thoughtful. Perhaps also because we have visitors at home and I feel the need to talk and converse even though my body is asking to go back to bed.  Anyway, I decided to catch up on that missing nap at 21:00 which worked quite well.

Day 31

polyphasic sleep everyman schedule

polyphasic sleep everyman schedule – April 7th 2012

(2012/04/07, (3:45,6),(3:50,7),(5:00,6.5),(6:00,6),(7:00,7),(10:20,6,”moody, physically tired”), (12:00,5),(13:00,7),(14:00,7.5, “unusual nervous energy. Between excited and nervous”),(18:00,7,”right eye tired”),(19:00,7,”can’t sleep. mind too busy”),(23:00,6))

A bit hard to wake up after 7am nap so I snoozed. Sleepy wake after the prolongued light sleep.

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