polyphasic sleep hypnogram with missed nap

Days 33/34/35 – smart wake trials


Day 33 (April 9th):  (2012/04/09, awake all morning, slight dip at 5pm)

health:  Sore throat + sneeze.

adaptation: After about 1 month I’m surprised by how well I feel only sleeping 4h30 per day.  However I’m not sure if I’ve fully adapted.  I may be oscillating between catching up on sleep (oversleeping), … and then, slowly, as the week advances loosing strength.  And after about a week I relapse again into an unhealthy sleep deprivation which makes me oversleep again.   It may also be a coincidence of germs, lack of exercise, stress or diet.  I’ll have to test this more carefully later in the experiment.

schedule: It was very easy to wake up using the “smart wake” alarm from zeo.  However at noon I missed a nap due to visitors and distractions, … then caught up with full Deep sleep (very hard to wake up from it!!).

polyphasic sleep hypnogram with missed nap

polyphasic sleep hypnogram with missed nap


Day 34 (April 10th):

(2012/04/10, (4:00,5.5,”head heavy … eyes tired”)  I wasn’t tired “on time” at 12:00 or 12:30 so I continued to work until tiredness caught up with me.   I’m trying again the smart wake which may be working as I’ve found it a little easier to leave the bed.   The 7am nap however made for a harder waking up as I snoozed and it led me to some light and deep sleep.  The full REM however gave me all the needed energy for the following hours.



Day 35 (April 11th):

(2012/04/11, (4:00, 7))  ok all day.  The smart wake let me sleep a little longer than usual at night.  I also tried to take my naps when I felt I needed them.

The only problem is that the 14h nap was interrupted and for the 19h nap … I dropped the sensor so I’m not sure if I slept or not.

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