missed all naps due to traveling. Here is the zeo hypnogram

Day 39: Challenge of Polyphasic sleep and traveling


Today, on day 39 of the experiment I’ve had to give up my naps for the first time.

missed all naps due to traveling.  Here is the zeo hypnogram

I’m travelling to a conference in Denmark so the prospect of 3 naps per day looks slim.  I woke up early feeling good and awake to get to the airport.  I took a 15mn nap on the flight (8am) but could not record it due to bluetooth restrictions.  It must have been light sleep as I don’t recall any dreaming and it was not very refreshing.  I had lots to do anyway, so I just worked hard until I made it to Copenhagen.

Pro tip for budget travelers:  SIM cards with unlimited internet and text messages for a week are usually much cheaper than roaming.  I spent about £15GBP in a seven-11 and got calls, texts, unlimited internet for tethering (plugging your phone to your laptop to access the internet) for the whole week.  The SIM expires after 10 days, but by then I don’t need it anymore).

But concerning sleep this was a pretty tough day.laundromat breakfast

laundromat breakfast

I had a great breakfast at the laundromat, did some programming, but when 1pm hit … I started feeling extremely tired.  I had to carry on:   With (naive?) optimism I had brought a sleeping bag and a mattress to sleep in the park … but it was raining!  I pushed through anyway (without coffee) and went for a walk.  More rain.  I tried to stay with some friends but they could not host me at that time.  So I spend the whole day wandering around the town from one café to another (walking 11km in total).   Finally, at 8pm my friend Helena offered me a nap in her house (Thank you!! <3).  The new environment, noise and bad timing made it a very short nap, but it was a great relief.  Off again for dinner, travel … and finally hit the bed at 00:30.  Thank you Sophie for the hosting! 🙂

For the first time I can feel that I’ve adapted:  My body requested its naps very clearly around 7am, 1pm and 5pm.  So it has learned the routine of Everyman sleep.  It’s a shame that I might not be able to keep the schedule during the next week.  But I’ll try my best to maintain my naps.


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