packing the sleeping mat

Day 47 – Adapting to Everyman polyphasic sleep in 4 days


After a week at a conference where I had to go monophasic I’m going back to the Everyman schedule

20 April 2012,  

Unfortunately most of the data for this day is missing.

hypnogram for the 16h napMy flight arrived so late on the 19th that I had to camp at the airport!  Sleeping bag + mat + airport floor gave me 3h of sleep.  The zeo battery had run out but I do remember dreaming on two occasions.

packing the sleeping mat

travel light with a sleeping mat

Then 1h30 of train naps and finally the 17h nap displayed above.   No doubt after a week of very sleep deprived (~ 5.5h/night) monophasic schedule coming back to Everyman will be hard.  Tired after 20h. I’m feeling grumpy. In a sad mood. sleepy.

21 April 2012

I am relieved to be back in control of my time, sleep and schedules.  Too excited to nap at 19h … too many things in my head, buzzing with ideas. Around 20h however, my body called for a rest … which I didn’t give it as I had a 2h phone conversation which I needed to finish.  This lead to a very exhausted me at 22h … but I forced myself to stay awake until 23h to talk to my girlfriend.  This obviously will make me fall asleep instantly, but will probably affect the morning.hypnogram sleep rem, light, deep, awake phases on a polyphasic sleeping schedule

(2012/04/21, (4:10,6),(4:20,7,”productive work”),(4:46,6.5,”itchy eyes, tired muscles but aware”), (7:30,7), )

22 April 2012
(2012/04/22, (4:10,4, “not out of REM”),(4:29,4,”quite sleepy”),
At 4:30 in the morning I laid on the bed to get back some energy.   Did it work?  Of course not! I nodded off for 20mn (and didn’t record it).  When I woke up at 4:55 it was difficult to concentrate. Time for thoughtless work like matching and rolling 25 pairs of socks!  And trim and wash the leaves of a coliflower to make a vegetable soup.  This morning the sea is a grey animal with shivering skin.  I’ll post a video of it soon 😉

polyphasic sleep hypnogram with two naps - the third nap is missingI think the headband lost contact with my skin through the night (and thus the gaps).   It also took a while to fall asleep for the 17h nap as I was excited.   I have to remember my own rules and spend 15mn away from the computer before going to bed.  I think the difficulty with evening naps is just a result of the new adaptation process.

23 April
All normal, but a little delayed on the nap schedule. I ran 3 miles.  I’m adapting again to my naps.

polyphasic naps and the sleep phases for the 23rd

24 April
All normal, very awake in the morning.  I think I’m almost adapted.  I think the sleep deprivation from the previous week made it easier to continue napping through the day.

I overslept a bit at 15:30 … I must have set the alarm wrong.   Due to dance class and an important exam my girlfriend had to take I had to miss the 7pm nap.  So I’m going to give myself 4h at night to catch up.


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