help me measure my polyphasic sleep


Dear friends,

I’m about to attempt the impossible, the incredible, the unfathomable! 🙂


During the next 6 to 8 months I will be sleeping only 2h per day. Imagine the sudden boost of free time: having 22h long days! And imagine the mental experience of being awake all the time.

According to my research it is possible to do so and stay fully alert, healthy and full of energy. But as a scientist, of course, I want to measure; and as an open-source enthusiast, I would like to share my data and experience with the world.

However, I’m currently unemployed (starting my own company) and have no income. So I’m asking you to sponsor this experiment to free this data to the world.

What I need

(1) Fitbit activity monitor (a 3-axis accelerometer to measure physical activity and movement, $130 USD- including tax+shipping)

(2) A Zeo brainwave monitor (a headband which can measure brainwaves in the 2Hz-50Hz frequency range, which includes delta, alpha, and some gamma (40Hz) waves, $130 USD – including tax+shipping).

(3) An android phone. Unfortunately the Zeo Head band only communicates with a handful of phones (see specs), and my Nokia is not one of them. Zeo can only communicate with 2.4-2.48 GHz Bluetooth enabled >2.1 Android phones. I’m hoping to buy a 2nd hand one for $300 USD

(4) I will tell the experience in 3 blogs:


Spanish: (translated by Andrés Carrobles)

French: (translated with my moms help)

and so I have to pay for domains and hosting: $60 USD

(5) Some money to send you your T-shirts and rewards!! $100 USD

If we overcome the $700 USD target I will sponsor writer and translator Andrés (so he can feed himself in Brazil). If we really go overboard, I will use the funds to travel and give talks on my experience wherever the highest donations came from.

Why this project?

Mostly, because I can. And for the sake of exploration and science. I love to explore the limits and possibilities of the human body and mind. Since I now work from home it’s a unique occasion to do so. I will follow this 2h/day schedule (known as ĂĽberman schedule) with money or without it. However with your help we can collect data for others to learn more about the human body and the human experience.

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Thank you!


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