The seed …


9 months ago some serendipitous browsing took me to one of Dustin Curtis‘ articles.  HOW TO HACK YOUR BRAIN.  The title was a good start.

how to hack your brain by dustin curtis

SLEEP.  Interesting.  I’ve always been fascinated by the intensity and surreal character of my dreams.  In addition, during my MSc I did some computational neuroscience research at my university’s neurolab, and participated in a congress on “neuro-physiopathology of sleep” at the Menéndez Pelayo University.  So I devoured the 1000 word article and was left quite puzzled.

Can you really sleep 2h a day and feel rested?  Why had I never heard of this ?  Surely you would feel exhausted and die!!

Time to research the issue at hand.  So I visited  everything2steve pavlina, kuro5hin, puredoxyk.  Really?  Were these people lying or was it really possible to actually feel better, more productive, and have incredibly long days?

From that day on, there was only one outcome:  I had to try it!  But as a scientist I also wanted to make the most of the experiment.  This is where this blog starts.  It’s the beginning of a quantitative experiment on polyphasic sleep.  Stay tuned!

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