Day 53 – tricking zeo


Here’s an interesting discussion on the limitations of the Zeo sleep monitor:

 – Sleeping with an active brain vs awake with a relaxed brain is very difficult to differentiate objectively from a single channel sensor on your forehead. We were at a quantified self meetup last night and had a great conversation around this with the folks in attendance. Alpha waves come from the occipital lobe (back of head) and Zeo is (obviously) measuring at the front of your head. Zeo would need more inputs to help it be more accurate on this front.

In the next months I’ll try to trick the machine with some deep meditation. If readers are interested I’ll explain in another post how the Electroencephalogram and the polysomnography work. Let me know!

29 April,

hypnogram sleep everyman polyphasic sleeping

(2012/04/29, (4:00,7),(6:00,7.5),(6:30,6),(8:00,7),(21:30,7))wiki with algarrobina from peru: breakfast of polyphasic sleeping champions
I’ve had enough of chocolate covered cookies first thing in the morning (3am). My body seems to have cried: Overdose! So today I’m having some kiwi + algarrobina instead.  I felt great all day today.

30 April

(2012/04/30, (3:18,5),(3:22,6),(3:38,7),(5:00,7),(5:20,5),(5:48,4.5),(5:55,5),(6:00,7),(15:00,7))
I thought I might be very tired because of yesterday’s strange naps, but I’ve been feeling very good all morning.  Well, until 5:40 that is. nodding off already. Some standing and domestic tasks got me back in shape.  The rest of the day I was in perfect shape both mentally and physically.

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