Day 56 – Oversleeping again


1 May

I did it again. I overslept. The cause was a mixture of tiredness and fun. I was really enjoying the fascinating dream I was in (at 3:05, time of the alarm, I was towards the end of the REM phase). Unfortunately I can’t remember my dream … but the people involved, and the fun or interesting things happening did make me think … “I can’t let go of this one … let me just enjoy one more minute of it and try to remember it.” Yep … instead of “one more minute” I ended up with 3 full episodes of REM!  Since I got 2 extra hours, I’ll skip the 6h30 nap (in an hour) and stay awake until my mid-day one. This might help me reset my schedule back to nap earlier as I had been drifting later and later for the last few days.

(2012/05/1, (5:10,6),(5:15,7),(6:00,6.5),(6:05,7),(8:00,5.5),(8:30,6),(9:00,7),(11:00,6))

Surprisingly after sleeping those 5:26, I was quite tired for most of the day and morning. That’s more hours than I’ve slept all the previous days … but I almost feel like those days when I used to oversleep 10h and then feel groggy and craving a nap all day.

2 May

It seems like readapting today is going to be difficult. After only about half an hour awake I was already having difficulties. To help me cope I’ve added about 20 granules of coffee to my decaf-tea. This will have to be my last coffee intake after this “oversleeping” to come back as quickly as possible to the old Everyman-3 Schedule.

During my 6am nap I snoozed 15mn to continue dreaming. But that only gave me 10mn of dreaming and then 5mn of light sleep which has made the waking up very difficult.

sleep hypnogram for polyphasic sleep with some oversleeping(2012/05/02, (3:00,5),(3:10,5.5),(3:20,6),(3:40,5.5), (3:55,6,”itchy eyes, tired”),(4:14,5, “nodding off, … need to get up”), (5:00,5,”tired”),(5:40,6,”some waking”),(5:53,”nodding off again”))

The naps felt great today.  Very refreshing and re-energizing.

3 May

six40winks hypnogram and sleep phases

(2012/05/03, (3:00,5),(3:10,7),(5:39,7),(6:15,5)
I hastingly set the alarm at 6:15 … for 7:45 … without thinking that I actually needed it for 6:45. The phone usually confirms … “your alarm will be in … 30mn” … but I wasn’t paying much attention so I gave myself an extra hour by mistake. It became a good hour of REM followed by some looong (possibly wasteful) light sleep!


I think I need to get back to the discipline of waking up immediately.  Snoozing often results in light sleep, over sleeping and drowsiness.  I need to remember my motivation!


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