weekly polyphasic core nap

Day 6 – slowly adapting


Waking up was Ok.  I could concentrate and work quite well until 5:30.  Time at which I got drowsy and sleepy.  However some activity snapped me out of it and I got back to work.

It’s day 4 of the Everyman schedule and I’m doing very well.  Much better than the first day.  Again the 7am nap is still full of REM, just like in a normal sleep morning.

polyphasic sleep diagram of phases

sleep phases on the 13th of March (the mobile didn't synchronize properly for the 5pm nap)

Today I slept 4h and 39mn in total and I’m not feeling sleepy all day.  Instead there are a few moments around 6:30, 12:30 and after 22:00 when I feel quite tired.  But my energy levels are relatively constant the rest of the day.  I may start logging my subjective alertness and awareness on a 1 – 10 scale through the day to try to describe better the adaptation period.  Readers, what do you think?  Would that be useful?Health: I stayed at home today to regain all my strength.  My leg injury has healed very quickly (almost finished in 3 days), so I don’t see the sleep deprivation affecting it so far.  Otherwise I’m snacking a bit more, still doing dinner and lunch and drinking more juice and water.

Adapting?   All in all, it’s too early to say if I have adapted to Everyman.  My body may be just getting more and more tired and I just haven’t noticed.  Most personal accounts describe a 2 – 3 week adaptation phase, so I have to be patient and continue sticking to the schedule.  Perhaps in a week I’ll make a first attempt at überman (6 twenty minute naps and no core sleep).  Below is the evolution in the last week and a half of my core sleep times:

weekly polyphasic core nap

Core sleep during the first week of Everyman Adaptation

As you see there is no clear repeating structure or pattern every night.  This may be a combination of natural variability and adaptation (I’ll be able to tell you more when I crunch the data from the first two weeks of normal sleep).  Have a nice sleep!


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