sleeping diagram with sleep phases on Everyman-3 polyphasic schedule

Day 9 – Oversleeping


I have overslept for the first time in the experiment.  Yesterday my 17:00 nap just didn’t succeed.  I was so tired that I went to bed at 22:30 and entered deep sleep in 10mn.

I woke up at 2:45 using the smart-wake, and crawled out of bed.  I usually make a decaf tea and wash my face … but my throat felt a bit sore, my muscles felt exceptionally tired so I decided to lay back and relax for a moment on the couch with a blanket.  I’m not quite sure what I was thinking but you don’t have to be a genius to guess what happened next.  sleepy

sleeping diagram with sleep phases on Everyman-3 polyphasic schedule

sleeping diagram with sleep phases on screwed Everyman-3 polyphasic schedule

Yep.  I napped for almost 3h.  This ended up disturbing my whole schedule, especially the two afternoon naps, which only added to about 10mn of light sleep and 10mn of REM.  There was a feeling of defeat and failure.  I was doing so well … and suddenly a missed nap derailed my whole endeavour.

I have read on many blogs that a missed nap throws you back to the beginning of the adaptation period, … so we’ll see how it goes tomorrow.  Even though I feel defeat I must remember that it’s very common to miss naps, readjust … and that I should still have another week before starting to actually adapt (if it can truly happen).

I was also invited to a party this evening … and felt OK.  It was a definite conversation starter followed by eclectic responses:  “I could never do that”, “I like my sleep too much”, “I actually sleep 4h/day anyway”, “Whaaaat?”, etc   .  I didn’t drink a single drop of alcohol but after 10:30 my eyes felt very tired, … and my head was starting that oppressive feeling of unavoidable sleep.  So we left, and were in bed at 23h00.


[2012/03/16, (3:00,4,”very tired, throat is sore. I’ll rest a little”), (6:10, 7, “just woke up. feel rested”), (7:00, 7.5, “active”), (10:00, 8, “excited, some stress”), (12:30, 6.5, “tired eyes”), (13:00, 6.5, “time to nap”), (13:30, 7.5, “lunch”), (14:00, 8, “excited”), (15:00, 8, “working”), (16:00, 6.5, “pause time”),(18:00,7),(20:00,7.5),(22:00,6),(22:30,5)]

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