Day 8 – Where did my nap go?


Here is my sleep chart today (only 3:51 of sleep in 24h!):

hypnogram with missing naps

hypnogram with missing naps

My 7am nap was mostly light sleep and waking up from deep sleep at 13:00 made me feel quite groggy.  In addition the 17:00 nap just didn’t happen.  Overall I didn’t start very tired but ended exhausted.

I did learn a few things:

  • You should not attempt a nap straight out of work.  If you stop your thoughts, logout of the computer, and get straight into bed … your thoughts will continue to spin for at least 10 – 15mn.   So it’s a good idea to take a break 10mn before the nap and do something manual, tidy, relax and clear your mind.  Otherwise you may miss most of your nap.
  • Some food like chocolate or sweets taken at the wrong time (1 – 2h before the nap) can totally alter your sleep.  The excited mind and body will spin around the bed restless.
  • Eye drops are very necessary and I’m using them two or three times a day.

Pushing my nap by 1/2 an hour at mid-day may have disturbed the schedule but I’m not sure.  In any case I missed that nap and I’m extremely tired, so more on this tomorrow.

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