sleeping diagram for March 8th 2012

Day 1


It is 4am.  I’ve had a core sleep of 4:40.

  • 1:15 of REM, 
  • 2:34 of LIGHT
  • 0:50 of DEEP sleep.

I found it quite easy to get out of bed.  There was some excitment about starting this experiment, and doing stuff at 4am.  Curiosity and making this experiment work are a good motivator so far.  The feeling after waking up was a little drowsy but I was soon reading about web programming (ZEO APIs ) and doing some chores (online purchases, tidying and such).  Overall it just feels like one of those early work days when you have to wake up quite early.   But will my body need the naps at the right time?

sleeping diagram for March 8th 2012

core night sleep on March 8th 2012


These diagrams generated by ZEO, show the sleeping phase in 5 minute bars.

Since I woke up at 4am, around 9:30 I started feeling quite sleepy.  A little distracted too.  So I dove straight into my 11am nap.

Interestingly it only took me approximately 6 minutes to enter the REM phase which lead direcly to light sleep and finally deep sleep.

diagram of sleeping phases for a short morning nap

diagram of sleeping phases for a short morning nap







My 17:00 nap was a bit lighter (after some light exercise and walking)  but I did reach REM and light sleep.

Polyphasic nap diagram from ZEO

Sleep phases of my 17h nap.

Overall I would say I’m tired.

My core sleep has been decreasing in the last 4 days as follows:

8:00  –>   7:05   –>   5:18   –>  4:40 

My 2-nap everyman today was productive but tiring.  I’ll have another shot at it tomorrow.




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