Day 2

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My phone talks to the headband. Don’t worry, I’m not hearing voices (yet) … what I mean is that they communicate wirelessly. This allows a feature called “smart wake”. You give an interval (say between and ), and the phone starts the alarm if and when you wake up naturally in that interval.

Of course, If you’ve been flat out REM-ing (neologism?) or in deep sleep and arrives the alarm will shake you out of bed anyway.

Last night I set my “smart wake” for … hoping to sleep . But I fell asleep 20mn earlier than expected exhausted by the first Everyman day. So falling asleep at 23:20 plus a late “smart wake” at 4:15 gave me 5:08of core sleep.

polyphasic sleeping phases

sleeping phases for the night of March 8 - March 9

Way too much!

Way too little by anybody’s watch (but way too much for my major sleep progression: -> -> -> -> ).

So I napped at but it was quite light. napHours went by with an alternation of drowsy and clarity. I spent the day tweaking this blog (and its French and Spanish homologues), coding an svgfig script, working, tidying, video editing, and sharing the evening with my partner.

But I missed my nap. I got carried away by Kony2012’s video. I was moved by their 2006 documentary when I first watched it 3 years ago but did nothing. This time I had to lend a hand. So I decided to give them spanish subtitles. Of course … 0:30 watching + 0:40 writing, 0:40 cutting, 0:40 editing … soon adds up to … sore eyes, tiredness and  2h delayed nap … but I think it’s a good cause. The press has complained about a simplified, Hollywood style, partial, US-centric video. I agree with all those adjectives. However, where were all those commentators in 2006 when they made the real documentary? Well, nobody watched it. Nobody noticed. Nobody cared.  Hollywood style appeals to the masses.  I think it’s a good way to raise awareness and start the conversation.
But coming back to sleep my late nap was unsuccessful (i.e. no sleep).

Exhausted by , I’m going to bed.


My top priority (as it should be for life itself) is to stay healthy. But exercise has not always been where my mouth is. Last year I became a chair-potatoe. No bike, no running and way too much computer. I’m fortunate to have a doctor at home (my partner) who can keep an eye on me, but I want to closely monitor any adverse effect of this experiment.

Two weeks ago I started a daily (and easy) run, bike ride or walk. However I pushed myself a little too hard running about 3 miles. I know, I know, … 3 miles is nothing! But I’ve never really run in my life. I’ve cycled many thousands of km (litteraly), but have probably never ran more than 50km in my entire life. Anyway, pulled hamstring. So I’m concerned about it not getting enough sleep to recover. I’ll monitor that very closely in the next few days. Good night!

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