Day 3 — Everyman, 3 naps


polyphasic sleep phases diagram, everyman schedule

March 10th 2012, Core sleep (night) in Everyman shedule

I woke up at 2:30 after 3h of core sleep and it was easy. I felt awake and my mind was clear for a few hours. I could blog, program and move well.

Today I’ll take 3 naps of 30 minutes: At 7:00, 12:00 and 17:00. Around 4am hunger lead me to a new recipe:  Fresh orange + carob tree syrup (Peruvians call it Algarrobo, and it’s supposed to be invigorating and healthy …  maybe a good thing for the sleep deprived) .

nap polyphasic sleep

7am nap

polyphasic sleeping nap

12am nap

I’ve just started but I’ve already met the little impracticalities  of the schedule. We drove to do some shopping … and it got late.  So the 17:00 nap caught me in the supermarket turning me into a  zombie.  My third nap had to be taken in the car while my girlfriend drove.  But it worked!  Again the night found me exhausted after only  4h of total sleep.  Good night!


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