Day 4 – Sleepy …


Waking up at 2:00 was a little harder today. Sleepy eyes, warm bed and my body asking for mercy did not make it easy. Washing my face and sitting in the living room didn’t help either. I tried to meditate but I was distracted, yawning and had a light headache. So … using light, yogurt, cafeine-free tea and cookies … I managed to get myself to work by 3:30.

: I still find myself regularly wanting to fall asleep. I don’t seem to have enough concentration to program or write.

: Fighting sleep. I can’t wait for my 7am nap. Programming makes me sleepy after just a few minutes. I need to walk around, get busy, do laundry, etc. I guess my body has finally realized I’m skipping too many hours of sleep. The hard adaptation phase has begun!

: Sleep deprived? Very. Unless I’m standing and active I take winks now and then.
8:00:  The 7am nap was a full REM nap. I was exhausted and entered REM in 2 minutes, followed by 26mn of uninterrupted dreaming.  Pretty cool. 🙂

polyphasic sleeping log, sleep phases

Everyman-3nap schedule for March 11th --- tough schedule! --- CLICK TO ENLARGE

Between 8 and 12 I let myself have a little coffee.  1/2 a tea-spoon of freeze-dried coffee (I know, I know … you can hardly call that coffee), and milk.  Warm, conforting and a kick.

I was tired enough that the coffee didn’t interfere with my other naps which seem to mimic a typical “beginning of a night” stair taking the Awake, REM, Light and Deep steps.

Naps are recharging, but it takes me a good 10 – 15mn to get out of the drowsiness.  Today was no doubt the hardest day.  I’m going to continue a few more days of Everyman (with 3h core night sleep) to make sure I survive!


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