Diagram of sleep phases on an Everyman sleeping schedule 27 March 2012

Days 20/21 – When Words Coincide


Day 20:  Today I have felt amazing clarity and wakefullness.  Which is great as I had an important meeting with my friend and co-founder.  Have I readapted already?  I should adapt faster and faster when I oversleep now, so perhaps it is the case.Diagram of sleep phases on an Everyman sleeping schedule 27 March 2012

Diagram of sleep phases on March 27th 2012

(2012/03/27, (3:30, 7, “just woke up”), (3:55, 8, “learning, reading”), (5:05, 8, “focus”), (6:00,6,”tired but not sleepy”), (6:30,4,”time to nap but not even needed”), (7:10,7, “all REM nap”),(8:30,7.5), (11:30,7.5), (14:00,6,”some yawning”), (18:00,7,”rather awake”),(20:30,6), (22:00,5,”tired eyes”),(22:20,5,”physically very tired light headache”), (23:00,3,”must sleep”))

Day 21:  The naps from yesterday were not ideal (12:00 nervous and interrupted, 18:00 excited and distracted with 6mn REM, 6mn Light, 6mn Deep).  This usually has an impact on the “morning after” feeling around 4am.  On top of that due to home logistics, I need to work on the sofa for two weeks… which certainly is more conducive to sleepyness.  But I’m still able to read, concentrate and write.

During my core sleep at 1:10 (after 2h of sleep) I had some vivid dream or thoughts together with a lot of spinning and moving in bed.  This woke up my girlfriend a few times until she grumped.  She couldn’t take it any more:  “Why was I moving so much!!???”.  And I replied casually … “I’m only moving when the graphs and the words coincide, that’s all.  I need to spin to keep it synchronized” __ and I really felt she should understand as it was clearly not my fault.  I’ve had vivid and abstract dreams like this one all through my life.  I hope polyphasic sleep will also help me increase the frequency of lucid dreams (clearly this one wasn’t as I had no idea I was dreaming).

(2012/03/28, (3:30, 6, “just woke up”), (3:55, 7.5, “learning, coding”), (5:05, 7, “itchy eyes”), (5:21,6,”yawn, sleepy”), (6:02,5.5,”tired eyes and sleepy”), (6:33,6.5,”not sleepy anymore but will try nap”), (7:40,7))

My 7am nap brought me dreams of this blog, sleep phases and zeo.

Unfortunately a glitch in the matrix, I mean, the Android phone, lost the charts for the 28th of March.

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