Days 24/25 – Missed nap and wake test


Some of your comments and emails expressed concern about this experience being very hard.  Re-reading some posts I realize that there’s a bias towards the downsides and difficulties. But in reality it is quite easy most of the time.  I’ve been trying to describe the challenges but I also spend most of the day working (sprinkled with good times at home, cooking, meeting friends, doing sports and so on). However I don’t log most of it to spare your death-by-boredom.  The main challenge has to do with maintaining the schedule, having the discipline to measure/monitor, and recovering from the mishaps of missed naps or disturbed schedules.

Sleeping diagram for everyman polyphasic sleeping schedule

Sleeping diagram for everyman polyphasic sleeping schedule 31 March

Sleep Phases in my Everyman3 (actually Everyman2 today).

Day 24:  Today I had a nap at 12:00 in the car (forgot headband) but it only lasted about 10mn – 12mn. I felt groggy after the nap.  I have read that if it’s shorter than 15mn, the nap won’t be effective.  And this one certainly wasn’t.  It’s a shame I didn’t record the structure, but it may have been light sleep.  Even 1h after the nap it hadn’t helped me.  So I tried another nap 20mn … but ended up oversleeping for 1h and feeling tired for yet another hour on top.  It’s surprising how critical the timing (sleeping too much or too little) can be for the recovery value of the nap.

After getting up around 15:40 I decided to skip the 18h nap and go to the cinema with friends and family.  This stretched my day until midnight.  By that time I was truly tired with itchy eyes but the movie caught me and didn’t let me sleep through it.

Day 25:  Today check out this tiredness test:  I’ve scored wide awake (9:24am, after been awake for 5h!). Now go and try it!

I would say it’s not just measuring reaction time but also deductive logic and intuition (as there are no instructions to be followed, and rather one has to guess what to do).  Obviously … once you’ve played once it’s just a question of reflexes or reaction time.

update:  Someone pointed out that the instructions are pretty clear at the link.  I guess I was more sleepy than I realized and I just jumped to the button  // lauch tiredness test //. 🙂

sleeping patterns and sleep phases on everyman polyphasic sleeping schedule

sleep phases on everyman polyphasic sleeping schedule - 1st of April 2012

— and my subjective awareness through the day:  (2012/04/1, (3:55,5), (4:05,6), (4:29,7), (20:00,7),(22:30,5)).

Good energy throughout the whole day. However 12h nap did not feel very re-energizing … and most naps were light sleep.  I don’t have a real explanation for that other than excitement with work, interruptions and perhaps trying to sleep at a particular hour instead at the time when I’m tired.  In any case I’m a bit concerned that those two light-sleep naps will make me tired tomorrow.  We’ll see.


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